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Wedding, Gala, NYE Party Setup

Wedding/ NYE Events

Kit List:

2 x CDJ 2000 Nexus

1 x DJM 2000 NEXUS

1 x Dynacord CMS 1600

3 x Electrovoice ZLX 12p


4 x Dual 15 inch 1400 Watts Passive Fullrange speakers

4 x Single 18 Subwoofer 1000 Watts Passive Subwoofer

2 x WirelessMic / 6 Wired Mic

1 x 6,000 Lumens Projector with Rear projection screen (2 x 3 Mtrs )

1 x Box Truss 4 Mtrs x 3 Mtrs

6 x Sharpy Movinghead

2 x 700 Watts Moving Head spot

4 x moving head wash

24 - 30x LED Parcans

1 x Lighting controller

1 x Haze Machine / 2 x smoke machine

( Supplied list is just and example of the setup, actual list will still be based on your requirements and venue. )

Ideal for Wedding, Corporate parties, New Year's Eve Parties etc.

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