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Phoenix LAS is one of the few certified local installer  and system programmer for brands like Electrovoice and Dynacord in the UAE. For the past 10 years we have installed, serviced and maintain hundreds of various entertainment venues in the region, such as nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, showrooms and private entertainment facilities. The biggest element of our success in this market segment are the brands we use and we use nothing less than premium industry standard brands to ensure quality and reliability.


Its undeniable that lighting plays a big role in live entertainment, may it be in clubs, theater or concerts, so having the right people along with he right brands is essential.

We pride our selves on our skills, know how, experience and brands. This enables us to provide you with the highest level of service and reliability.

The Brands We Trust


Electro-Voice (commonly referred to as EV) is a manufacturer of audio equipment, including microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers, aimed at pro audio and recently car audio as well. As a subdivision of Telex Communications Inc. since February 1998, Electro-Voice markets its products for use in small or large concert venues, broadcasting, houses of worship, and in retail situations.


Dynacord is one of Germany's leading audio manufacturer. It is now owned by Bosch Communications Group.


Professional Power Amplifier


Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ Products are the industry standard for Professional DJs. Digital Turntables, DVD Turntables, CD Players, Mixers, and Headphones.


Studio Microphones, Drum Microphones  and our Rental Conferencing system


Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath (also known as AH or A&H) is a company based in Penryn, Cornwall, England, specialising in the manufacture of audio mixing consoles. Allen & Heath also makes sound management systems for industrial installations and DJ mixers for nightclubs. Allen & Heath is now part of Electra Partners.

Shure Microphones

Industry Standard High quality Microphones

Cordial Cables

High Quality signal and speaker cables made in EU

Neutrik Connectors

High Quality Audio and Lighting cable Connectors


Soundcraft designs and manufactures professional audio mixing consoles for Live Sound, Theatre, Broadcast, Recording and Post Production applications.


SpeakerCraft is an American[1] manufacturer of custom-installed audio/video and home theater products based in Riverside, California.

Klark Teknik

Klark Teknik continues to bring innovation in design, engineering and sonic quality in both the analogue and digital realm of signal processing.

I solution

Acme I solution lighting, professional lighting range of Scanners and moving heads featuring DMX and stand alone control by Isolution.


Martin Ligthing

Martin Professional is a Danish manufacturer and distributor of intelligent lighting fixtures for the entertainment, architectural, and commercial sectors. It is owned by global infotainment and audio company Harman International Industries, who acquired the company in early 2013. The company is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Martin luminaires are used by many of the world’s top artists for tours and concerts and have been used on a number of major international events such as the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics where Martin was the main provider of automated lighting with over 1100 luminaries at the opening ceremony. The company’s products are regularly employed in theatres, nightclubs, and television studios and are used in indoor and outdoor architectural applications, as well as in commercial settings such as cruise ships, theme parks, ski areas, arenas and stadiums, hotels and resorts and retail environments.

Phoenix LIghting System

Phoenix Lighting System. Moving head, Led Wash , Scanners and touchscreen Computer control system

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