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Zinc Full Upgrade

UAE: Dubai’s Zinc nightclub has upgraded its aging Electro-Voice PA with a new solution from the manufacturer. The venue turned to Phoenix LAS to replace the system on a very tight timescale. The original system was based around four hangs of three Electro-Voice XLD cabinets. After seven years of heavy use it was time for a refresh.

The club’s management looked to replace both the sound and lighting systems over a 15-day period. The timeframe allowed for the removal of the old sound and lighting systems and their associated cables. Following this, the club's wall cladding and other interior works could be done, and new cables could be pulled. Finally, the new system was installed two days before the club was due to re-open.

The new PA consists of 15 Electro-Voice EVU-2082, 12 XLD in four Line array hangs, four of the manufacturer’s X Sub, and three single 18- inch subs. On the lighting side, Phoenix installed 18 moving heads, 10 scanners, flood lights, lasers and hundreds of metres of LED strips. To make things more complicated these led strips needed to be divided and controlled on every 2m.

‘We ran a tight ship on those crucial 15 days, we had our interior and A/V department on 12 hour shifts, I even found myself pulling cables or lifting things,’ recalled Mark Legaspi managing director of Phoenix LAS. ‘It’s a hard task but somebody’s got to do it and all the credit goes to my crew, especially when we also had three more contracts in the same building and seven more in different clubs in Dubai running at the same time.’-

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